Leg Of Mutton

Leg Of Mutton

Cider Dancing

Dancing again

Dancing again

People dancing, out of focus, while a strobe goes off


A window covered in creepers.


People dancing at night at Limehouse Town Hall

Limehouse Town Hall

Clock transition

A sunny landscape image of dubai reflected on the surface of some 3d extruded text.

A rushing reflection

A smooth combination of gradients with a bit of noise on top, looks a bit like a sci-fi shampoo advert background.

A soft wave

Beating The Outward Bounds.

Beating The Outward Bounds

Orderly Balls

A cascade of coloured balls falling through an irregular transparent tube.

Bouncing Balls

Corporate Balls

Tessa Edwards AW14 Burnished Waterfall

Tessa Edwards AW14 Dark Crystal

Tessa Edwards AW14 Black Crystal